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         I consider myself very blessed; to be able to do what I love, and have a passion for doing, everyday.  I thoroughly enjoy  every step of the creative process, as well as digging into analytical numbers and social behavioral studies in order to contrive and develop a successful, strategic, very targeted marketing plan of attack. It is truly a rush for me. The real payoff is when all your due diligence, creative efforts, and everything comes together and works as planned. When a client says, "wow, I don't know what you did,  we just had the biggest promotion ever!  Let's do that again, and again!"


          Tony has  more than twenty years of leadership level, award winning experience in marketing, digital marketing, advertising, public relations, communications, promotions, graphic design, sales & product development within the corporate, healthcare, non-profit, retail, wholesale, and consumer products industry.

Tony has earned  a successful, proven track record of increasing revenue; creating new revenue streams, increasing product sales, while reducing cost overhead. He is highly skilled at coordinating market research, focus groups, analytics, data assessment and reporting, developing and preparing marketing/business plans, benchmark tracking, cost containment, pricing development, strategic initiatives, sales management, new product, and product enhancement introductions.

An author as well, Tony J. Caridi has written several books including: "Archetype American, Marketing in the Digital Age", &  "Lethal Trust".

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